A Brief History Of The Art Of Framing – A Detail That Has Changed Everything Since The Night Of Time

Jan 25, 2021

Today, framing artwork is almost a simple luxury if not a must. The frame helps with conservation, especially glass, so it can maintain its historical, aesthetic, sentimental or artistic value. But did you know that beyond these aspects, framing holds a long and rich history?

Historic Art Framing

In prehistoric times, the first frames appeared around drawings. It was actually a line drawn around the patterns, forming a square. These were carved in stone or painted on walls around the frescoes. It was in antiquity that they were first revealed with the framing of the Fayum’s portraits in Egypt. The portraits painted on wooden boards were surrounded by wooden sticks.

Wooden Art Frames

A little while later, in Asia, Chinese artists lined their paintings with strips of paper or silk. From the 12th to the 15th century, wooden frames appeared. Widely used by painters, there were very large ones, often used in churches’ altars. At the time, these frames were sculpted or painted, often composed of connected panels or shutters that were folded over the central part. The subjects were generally religious, and it was not until the Renaissance that frames were used around still-life and portraits. Over the years, the frame will be enriched and transformed into a real work of art where we will often start to see fruits carved into the wood. The artists were crazy about it and the painter Botticelli even designed a round “tondo” frame, gilded and very sculpted.

Frames will then become monuments of goldsmithing and sculpture. Over time, the frame will be increasingly used and impose itself in multiple declination for years to come. Each era has in fact marked with it stamp the history of the frame. LM Frame & Gallery is keen on pursuing frame design innovation, helping you master the art of framing to enhance your art a design you may never have expected.

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