Katrina Nampijinpa Brown

Watiya-Warnu Jukurrpa (Dreaming)
Acrylic on canvas
18 x 18 x 1 in
This painting tells the story of a Jangala ancestor who travelled south form a small hill call Mount Liebig. As he travelled, he picked the seeds and placed them in a food carrier he carried on his head. Watiya-warnu is a seed bearing tree that grows in open spinifex or mulga country. When people returned to their camp after collecting the seeds they souls make large windbreaks for shelter and winnow the seed in the late afternoon. Immature seed is ground into a paste and can be used to treat uses stomachs . The associated ceremony involves the preparation of a large ground painting. U shapes are of the depicting women collecting the seeds. Oval shapes represent the parrajas where they carry the seeds and distant lines beside them frequently portrait digging sticks.