Elaine Wiley

Heron, Giclee on Canvas, 36×36, $400

Painting has always been a part of my life. I love art and painting, but more importantly I love the feel of the brush in my hand while spreading paint over a canvas.

In between life’s stages I have found time to paint many different things, including grandchildren’s portraits, still life, landscapes, and commissions for friends along the way.
I studied under Atlanta artist Sarah Brown and Kris Meadows, and have also participated
In various workshops. I’m always aiming to learn and improve my work and try new things.
I’m a native Georgian and Cobb county resident for 50 years.
I continue to enjoy the journey we call life.
Elaine Wiley

Joan’s Cow – Oil on Canvas– 36×36 – $600
Sycamores – Oil on Canvas– 16×20 – $400