Susan Westmoreland

Venice Beauty, Oil on Canvas, 40×30, $1100

“Painting feeds my soul in such a magical way and I am so grateful that I have discovered this passion. I create original oil paintings and I find inspiration for my art from everyday life and nature. I wish to evoke an emotion and often share a glimpse or memory from my travels.

I’m an Atlanta native and found my desire for art at a young age, as my mother and grandmother were both artist. I continue to build on my years of art study, working with many renowned artist such as Alice Williams, Gary Bodner and Jim Richards. I enjoy not only honing in on my abilities but thrive on the comradery of painting alongside other artists while also learning and being inspired by each other.

My art has been accepted in national and local juried art shows and won several awards. For me, painting serves as a platform to express my love for and the beauty of God’s creations. It is my desire to translate the heart and soul of the places I have visited and people I meet on the canvas in a way that brings joy to the viewer.” -Susan Westmoreland

Waiting for Spring – Oil on Canvas– 12×12 – $375
Tres Amigos – Oil on Canvas– 24×24 -$750
San Miguel St – Oil on Canvas– 12×12- $300
San Miguel Church – Oil on Canvas– 9×12- $300
Let the Sunshine In – Oil on Canvas– 24×24 – $750
Hydrangeas in the Window – Oil on Canvas– 24×30 – $850
Born Free – Oil on Canvas– 30×30- $950
Roses or Rose? Oil on canvas – 24 x 30 – $850
Pears under Shade – Oil on canvas – 30 x 30 – 900
Bathing in the light – Oil on canvas – 30 x 30 – $900
lemon Aids Day – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20 – $600