Eve Rumbaugh

Eve Rumbaugh

For most of my adult life, I've been a teacher.   I had always wished I were an artist but believed this option was only for the uber-talented.  

When COVID hit, like many others, I spent a lot of time doing creative things:  gardening, drawing, painting, etc.  I was shocked to discover that painting, at least for me, is less about what I bring to it and more about what it gives me. 

When I paint, I enter some timeless, fearless, peaceful place where "success" and "failure" are words that have no meaning.  There is only joy in the experience of playing with the layering of colors, textures, and shapes.

Painting, for me, is an encounter with grace. 



Nothing freezes, everything is transformed, like the alchemist, Rumbaugh creates and manufactures color. If the gray is tinged with blue and green, the black reveals aubergine and red tones. In perpetual mutation, her works reflect the emotion of a moment. The artist materializes her canvases from flat areas of pigment, a technique that affirms the material, and gives an illusion of plaster or stone. Eve's Rumbaugh's painting is stripped down and airy, it gives free rein to all forms of interpretation.