Jane Berke

I love vibrant colors and mixing colors and patterns. Creating primarily in acrylics, I often gravitate toward mixed media materials, sometimes make my own papers to add to the collage, add charcoal or pastel line work, or add a touch of oils to enhance and pop the colors. I paint, hum and sing (although you would not want to hear it) unconsciously while creating. I find painting more relaxing than deep breathing, more
energizing than yoga! I want to inspire my “patrons” to take a walk in nature and to appreciate the natural beauty all around them. My artwork is not realistic and yet not abstract… the flowers are not a true botanical variety but just images from my mind …animals and figures resemble their references but are again merely expressions that come from within. Painting allows me to express and discover myself so that I feel grateful every time I pick up a paintbrush. With modern technology and the stresses everywhere, I find it is more important than ever to create some happiness and light, to tell a story, to evoke a smile by creating happy, joyful, sometimes positively silly art.


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