Framing enhances the art or object

We love framing art, all kinds of art, from 3D objects in shadow boxes to posters. 

We do it creatively with your input. It is actually fun and interesting educating the eye. 

Our team loves spending the time to put your art in the spotlight. 

The art or objects define the perfect frame.

Without a frame, there would be no art"... 

All the framing work is performed in our East Cobb studio,

An immersive experience : Framing with Original Art

Our gallery and studio space provides a great creative environment.

Our local artists offer diverse styles and mediums

We promote affordable art with a purpose. 

We  work with your budget. 

We guarantee you love the design and final product, or simply redo it.

You will love our creative atmosphere, a unique ecosystem designed for you.

Meet the owners who share a passion for art and framing.

Locally owned and operated by Christophe and his wife, Caroline. 

Caroline earned a BA in French and Economics from UVM. Her background is in fashion. 

Christophe is French, UNC Chapel Hill MBA. His background is in financial services and art.

They are passionate about promoting local, Aboriginal and South African beaded art. 

They promote social causes and communities' connections through the arts. 

Their Art is affordable. 


If you love an artwork and can afford it, treat yourself, please!

Our team is proud to serve our clients with craftsmanship, dedication, fun, and creativity. 

Tim (Frame production) I Camille (Design, Fitting, Social media), Jacquie (Interior designer, Fitting) 

. Preview Arnold Abelman's photography art, multiple award winner at the Booth Museum.
 Welcome to our creative space.