Why Aboriginal ARt? 

We collaborate with non-profit community governed organizations to bring contemporary Aboriginal artworks to you.

Australian Aboriginal Art translates, in part, an ongoing oral culture over 65,000 years old.

Known as the Dreamtime (Jukurrpa, Songlines), Aboriginal Art invites us into a deep and rich culture.

Extra-natural beings traveled through Australia, leaving an intricate web of Dreaming tracks, creating all there is to see. Giant Birds, Rainbow Serpents, Lighting men and many other beings created the Aboriginal people's world. 

They created the landscape and all that lives within it. They also formalized the laws of social and religious customs which remains at the core of their identity, guiding much of their daily life. 

 The Dreaming encompasses the past, present, and future - it is experienced. Each Aboriginal artist inherits their Dreaming throughout generations. These people have the longest continuum of existence (65,000 years) and share with us precious and amazing artworks. 

By purchasing their art, you support economic independence and create a source of pride for the artists.