Aboriginal Art

LM Frame & Gallery has created an exclusive partnership with aicontemporary.com to promote original, Australian Aboriginal Art in the United States. Some work is exhibited at LM Frame and Gallery, with more available on the website.

Aboriginal & Indigenous Contemporary offers art amateurs and collectors the chance to learn and collect original and authentic Australian Aboriginal art. Paintings are carefully selects artists through an exclusive collaboration with an Australian based expert.

Paintings are certified from local Australian Art Centers. The latter are cooperatives with a mission to promote and distribute Aboriginal ancestral traditions an culture, so vital to Aboriginal communities’ existence.

Art Centers are organized as a key resource to providing local Aboriginal artists with the means to develop and distribute the story of their origins through unique works of art. AI Contemporary’s mission is to protect this exceptional art and provide a path to increase Aboriginal art visibility in North America.

Our social mission: perpetuate Australian Aboriginal and Indigenous art cultures and values to allow these amazing communities to prolong their ancestral traditions for generations to come. It is your commitment to art of life values long gone from modern industrialized societies.

Purchasing original Aboriginal art from AI Contemporary guarantees you own an authentic artwork, carefully curated to match your feelings and home décor while also serving as a valuable investment.

We can curate art for you, according to you taste, home ambiance, wall space, budget or investment criteria and are available for home appointments to help you decide what would work in your home (for Atlanta based customers).

Our painting are permanently displayed at LM Frame Gallery, 1062 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30068.

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