Aboriginal Art – Genesis

The Aboriginal people, first inhabitants of Australia, are living in what is known as the Dreamtime. Simply put, they live in a world that is dreaming of them. They are just passing by and honor the land as the most precious gift given to them. They celebrate a world...

Symbols in Aboriginal Paintings

The works of Australian aboriginal artists surprise with their uniqueness and aestheticism. A first glance at an Aboriginal canvas may suggest abstract art. However, on studying it more precisely, we see that it is, on the contrary, a figurative style which is...

An Innovative Hybrid Concept for Amateur-Collectors and Artists

LM Frame & Gallery is a place of shared passion for Art by the local artists and owners, Christophe and Caroline. Located in Marietta, this 300sqf hybrid concept art house (custom framing Marietta studio and art gallery) is constantly reinventing itself to...

Why You Should Only Purchase Ethical Aboriginal Art

Our decision to promote Aboriginal art in the USA was based on a desire to help incredible people promote their minimalist and spiritual culture with American Art lovers. It was also a unique way for each buyer to participate financially to the persistence of this...

Margaret Napangardi Lewis

Born in 1952, Margaret is a Warlpiri woman who lives in Nyirripi and works with the official Aboriginal art centre at Yuendumu, Northern Territory, Australia. An established senior artist, she is the daughter of senior law man and artist Paddy Japanangka Lewis, and...

Custom Framing

You probably own prints, photos, jerseys or even art on canvas that you know needs a custom frame but have been procrastinating to get the job done. You probably think it is expensive and not really necessary at this time. Probably more important things to spend money...

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