An Innovative Hybrid Concept for Amateur-Collectors and Artists

Feb 1, 2021

Ethical Aboriginal Art Painting

LM Frame & Gallery is a place of shared passion for Art by the local artists and owners, Christophe and Caroline. Located in Marietta, this 300sqf hybrid concept art house (custom framing Marietta studio and art gallery) is constantly reinventing itself to cultivate a real connection between artists and the public via the introduction of new artists, exhibitions and special events.

The LM Frame & Gallery Store Space

Andy Warhol said, “Art shouldn’t be for the privileged few but for everyone”. This is one of the biases of this atypical place. For its public, LM Frame & Gallery offers more than 50 artists referring to figurative, contemporary, abstract and aboriginal art, at prices accessible to most wallets. LM also offers custom framing in Marietta and all surrounding neighborhoods, with easy parking.

Here, amateurs and collectors can discover the works of local artists, in a warm and innovative place designed as a house / museum to compensate for the traditional galleries often perceived as elitist and intimidating by their format and prices.

This unique concept thus offers original and certified works from $65 to $4,500. LM Frame & Gallery is also a place where every amateur or collector receives advice to develop its artistic sensibility and choices to successfully acquire original art. Also, to enhance it all, the gallery has a tailor-made custom framing workshop and provides artistic framing design advice.

Supporting Local Artists in Marietta

For their artists, the owners’ desire is to bring those whose work deserve exposure to the art market to find their way to your home. Whether emerging or already established on the artistic scene, these artists share common point: their fine art talent and potential. To promote their work, LM Frame & Gallery provides the opportunity to exhibit in an exceptional space, a unique format of 300sqf space, appreciated by private buyers, interior decorators or corporations. The owners define their gallery space as owned by all participating resident artists. They encourage initiatives and collaboration to promote original events and attract new art followers to act upon purchasing local original art.

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