Symbols in Aboriginal Paintings

Feb 3, 2021

The works of Australian aboriginal artists surprise with their uniqueness and aestheticism. A first glance at an Aboriginal canvas may suggest abstract art. However, on studying it more precisely, we see that it is, on the contrary, a figurative style which is expressed through the use of a large number of symbols, often depicting aerial views of particular sites. LM Frame & Gallery invites you to decipher some key symbols to better understand these creations “conveyors of stories” for more than 50,000 years.

Symbols Evoking Water

There are several variations on the same theme depending on the appropriate usage. These Aboriginal symbols relate here to the natives of central Australia and in particular the Pintupi people towards Papunya and Kintore.

Aboriginal Art Water Symbols

Symbols Associated with People

They represent people individually or collectively depending on the situation (meetings, ceremony, etc.). Most of these Aboriginal visuals and signs are found in the central desert of Australia.

Aboriginal Art Symbols Representing People

Symbols Related to Travel and Music

There are several symbols to represent the tracks and the journeys on the song lines which cross the Australian territory. These symbols take on a particular meaning depending on the main theme of the representation.

Aboriginal Art Symbols of Travel and Music

Symbols Related to Animals

We discover here the various aboriginal symbols linked to the traces left by bush animals in the sand and red earth: kangaroo, wallaby, opossum, dingo, goanna, snake, emu.

Aboriginal Art Symbols related to Animals

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