Custom Framing

Dec 14, 2020

You probably own prints, photos, jerseys or even art on canvas that you know needs a custom frame but have been procrastinating to get the job done. You probably think it is expensive and not really necessary at this time. Probably more important things to spend money on. Why? These objects may be souvenirs and hold sentimental value and will never be thrown away. They are just there, in a box in the attic, waiting to be discovered and seen on an everyday basis. How to start, where to go, how much to spend…. so many questions that the Internet cannot really provide simple answers for.

Providing Custom Framing Since 1995

We have been providing custom framing in Marietta since 1995. Over the years, we have loved to meet the owners who kindly shared the history of a piece and why they had decided it was time to bring it to the limelight. We have listened and enjoyed designing remarquable frames’ designs that so much enhance the value of the art, whatever that means: dollars or sentimental value. The right acid free mat, the perfect museum glass, the eclectic or ordinary frame that simply works. The important factor here is first to have a desire to protect art, see it well and artistically enhance it via singular mat colors, unique frame designs, and personality, all within your budget… Or maybe you just want to spend more because you love the piece. Custom framing can be expensive but does not have to. In the end, the sentimental value dictates your investment decision and LM FRAME & GALLERY designers help you decide whether it is worth doing it. No pressure added.

LM FRAME & GALLERY, previously Thompson Frames & Gallery, has been successfully advising clients and interior designers on custom framing choices since 1995. We advise on the best possible overall design, guarantee perfect production at reasonable price, only to offer full end result satisfaction. We will do it again until you are satisfied. Come enjoy the joy of custom framing in the Heart of Art, Marietta custom framing hall of fame, LM FRAME & GALLERY. We speak French, have a piano that loves to be played and offer amazing local and Aboriginal art.

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