Why You Should Only Purchase Ethical Aboriginal Art

Jan 25, 2021

Ethical Aboriginal Art Painting

Our decision to promote Aboriginal art in the USA was based on a desire to help incredible people promote their minimalist and spiritual culture with American Art lovers. It was also a unique way for each buyer to participate financially to the persistence of this unique art, and help Aboriginal people, 1.5% of the Australian population, make a living. You will like to hear that we buy directly from certified Aboriginal art centers, ensure payment goes directly to the artist and the community. This is unfortunately not always the case as some shabby individuals still chase Aboriginal artists’ work for very little money, and then sell them at high prices with no benefit to the Aboriginal community. Aboriginal people are generally poor and can be convinced to paint for a mere $20 that allows them to buy gas or food. These shabby individuals can be art galleries operating in plain sight, through brick and mortar stores or online. They can make large profits that do not benefit the Aboriginal communities whatsoever. They legally own the art but the money is not going back to where it belongs, Australia’s first inhabitants.

While Aboriginal people are getting more educated and organized to ignore the shabby individuals, the bad habit still persists to this day. They increasingly understand the meaning of getting the money of the art back into their community. Supporting ethical Aboriginal art means only purchasing art center certified art. This is the reason why large auction houses in the US will not accept non art center certified artwork to sell.

The Aboriginal Community

The bottom line is that you, as a possible Aboriginal art buyer, need to be curious about provenance to ensure the income from the sale goes back to the Aboriginal community. Aboriginal people live in remote areas with limited resources. Art centers help promote and distribute their art in a socially responsible manner. They promote Aboriginal culture and help Aboriginal art of life subside. This should be logical as they are run by Aboriginal people themselves. They offer a friendly creative space for all Aboriginal artists to work their favorite medium, acrylic, pigments, sculptures and even fabrics. These organizations need support to invest back in the community (healthcare centers, children’s care, …) which an ethical Aboriginal art purchase does provide.

Ethical Aboriginal Art

LM FRAME & GALLERY and its partner AICONTEMPORARY.COM adhere to Aboriginal ethical art. We only purchase art that is certified from art centers. We reinvest part of the proceeds of sales (we take a small percentage to fund our marketing efforts and consignment costs) into new Aboriginal art. Whether you purchase Aboriginal art with us or elsewhere, please try to assess its provenance and be careful about these nice looking certificates that any shabby reseller will present to you. It makes a big difference knowing you actually did something directly good for the Aboriginal artist and its community. Most of our Aboriginal art has been purchased or consigned directly from Aboriginal art centers. We receive canvases rolled then stretch them for you to admire.

Please visit our purchase art section to see the art we are currently promoting. Feel free to contact us about a piece or an artist.

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