Christine Nakamarra Curtis

Acrylic on canvas
30 x 36 x 1 in
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This Dreaming comes form Mina Mina, a very important women's Dreaming site far to the west of Yuendumu near Lake Mackay and the WA border. The owners of this Dreaming are Napangardi. Napanangka women and Japangardi/Japanangka men. The are is sacred to them. In this Dreamtime, ancestral women danced at Mina Mina and digging sticks rose up out of the ground. The women collected the doffing sticks and travelled on to the east dancing, digging for bush tucker collecting snake vine and creating many places as they went. The tack passed through Coniston in Anmatyerre country to the east, and then went on to Alcoota and Aileron far to the northeast of Yuendumu and eventually on into Queensland.