Brandy Tjungurrayi

Tingari Cycles
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 24 in
This painting depicts designs associated with the rock hole site of Thiparitjarra, near a rocky outcrops and a large sandhill west of Jupiter Well in Wester Australia. In ancestral times, a large group of Tingari men visited this site before traveling east, passing through Kiwirrkura, and then north-east to Tarkul and Wulkinkarra (Lake Mackay). The rounders in this work represent rock holes while the lines represent the nearby tali (sand-hills). Since events associated with the TIngari Cycle are of a secret nature, no further detail was given. Generally, the Tingari are a group of ancestral beings of the Dreaming who traveled over vast stretches of the country, performing ritual and creating and shaping particular sites. The Tingari men we're usually followed by the Tingari women and were accompanies by novices and their travels and adventures are enshrined in a number of song cycles. The ancestral stories form part of the teachings of the post initiator youths today as well as providing explanations of roc contemporary customs.