Maria Burton

“I was born in Jigalong, long time [ago in] Jigalong. The old people all got picked up and brought into Jigalong. Them old people all wanted to go back to the desert. We moved to Camp 61 [Ngalkuninya] for a litlle while and then we all moved this way to Punmu. I was young, thirteen or something when I came to Punmu. 


I like to paint around Punmu rockholes, springs. In the morning, sunset colors, that’s what I’m thinking about. In the plane looking down, I want to do a painting what I’m looking at, it looks nice. I want to do more painting like that. I like painting, it makes me feel good. I’ve been in Jigalong with my father, learning to paint. 


I was watching him paint. I stayed with them all day, sometimes I helped him and he told stories. Doing the dot paint, that’s when I learned on a little canvas.” -