Corinne Galla

“I love to experiment with all different kinds of mediums. I suppose that stems from the fact that I started painting so late in life – I want to hurry up and learn it all. And though oil paint is my favorite medium in the recent past I’ve done works in encaustic, mixed media collage, acrylic inks and a watercolor and pastel combination.

Standing in front of a blank canvas is an exhilarating experience. There’s nothing in the world like that fresh beginning, all open possibilities. And the first marks I make on that field are always the most rewarding. I have to confess there are times when I would like to stop after the first several marks are made and leave the raw idea on the canvas to speak for itself.

I paint not to please the market; I really do paint to please myself. That’s a very freeing process. For me, there’s nothing which will make the Muse pack up and leave town faster than being asked to paint a commission.” -Corinne Galla

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