Earl Jackson

An artist of originality and vision and an astute businessman as well, Earl Jackson has done much to define a contemporary visual style for African-American life. By the late 1990s, prints of his graceful, elegant artworks were widely and consistently sold in art stores and bookstores. A measure of their appeal to a wide cross section of Americans was that they appeared several times in hit films and television programs. “African Americans… are hungry for images on their walls— positive images of African Americans,” Jackson was quoted as saying in the International Review of African American Art. By responding to that hunger, Jackson became one of the few American artists unconnected with an educational institution to make a living from art full time.

Earl Jackson, multi media artist, is best known for his signature painting, “Following the Path”, which portrays a rites of passage ceremony for African American Females. His painting has been influenced after traveling to Senegal, West Africa in 1985 and Kenya in 1988, where he was ceremoniously initiated as a Junior Elder in the Kikuyu nation. Earl was born in Ann Arbor Michigan. His art was exhibited in Washtenaw Community College Art Gallery, University of Michigan museum of Art, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, and the National Gallery of Art in Dakar, Senegal.

Like millions of African Americans, one of Earl’s goals was to travel to his ancestral homeland, Africa. Before that became a reality I read several books by African and African American historians about it’s glorious past and the contributions it’s people made to advance the human race. Arming himself with the knowledge that the arts, science, religion, mathematics and philosophy originated from the Africans of the Nile Valley civilizations of Kemet (Egypt), Nubia ( Sudan), Kush ( Ethiopia) and that the modern human race’s origins are found in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania dating back 200,000 years.

Earl lives in Marietta, GA.


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