Larry Breeland


I was born February 1942 in Wilmington, North Carolina during World War II. We didn’t have much during these early years because the national war effort consumed all the country’s manufacturing capacity.  Toys were rarely seen so –when I could find paper, Mom would entertain me by helping me to see and draw the real structure in objects with the importance of light shadow while nurturing my love of art.  Growing up in the coastal beauty of the Carolinas was a constant inspiration with the forest, flowers, tidal marshes, ocean, and tropical storms.   Throughout my life I have enrolled in classes with local artist, seminars, and schools. 

Today, I continue as a student of art continually considering all possibilities while applying newly discovered techniques.  My first juried show was the Wilmington Azalea Festival at age 17. Much to the displeasure of several professional artists – I won Best in Show and sold all my works. My love for art has always been a part of me and while working 40 years in the corporate world – I always found time to paint. 

The world around us is still my best inspiration and as a student of art, I spend many hours developing my thoughts and visions I want to capture. In college my studies included Engineer Drawing where I accomplished the highest level ever attained at the university including errors in the curriculum. I seemed to posse natural abilities to see that which many others fail to see!  When traveling – my passion for learning draws me into galleries where the work of others inspires my thoughts and ideas.  At times, an idea awakens me in the night resulting in partial sleep while I sort out a composition. I develop many paintings from reference photos taken while traveling and researching potential topics to compose for my painting.  I believe that all art should possess that element of capturing a person’s imagination and making them think as with good photography, good art – must also sometimes capture the normal in a not-so-normal way! 

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